Correct: He lives in the big white house.
Wrong: He lives in the white big house.

Correct: It’s an expensive Swiss watch.
Wrong: It’s a Swiss expensive watch.

demonstrative numeral quality size
color nationality noun
these four expesive square golden Swiss wris watches
her lovely small violet pansies
my sister’s first nice blue swimming suit
his new red French sports car
the first two long chapters
some sour big green apples
Mary’s sudden surprising attitude

Lưu ý:

1. Khi có nhiều adjective chỉ màu sắc bổ nghĩa cho cùng một noun, hai adjective cuối cùng được nối bởi AND.

  • his new blue shirt
  • his new blue and white shirt
  • the blue, white and red flag
  • my blue and red pencils
  • my blue pencils and red ones

2. Tương tự, hai adjective chỉ đặc tính ở một câu có nhiều adjective cũng sẽ được nối bởi AND.

  • The house looked modern, large and convenient.
  • It was cold, wet and windy.

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