3 cách phát âm “ed” trong tiếng Anh

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A. Pronounce “ed” like /t/ after most voiceless consonants [f, k, p, s,…].
Phát âm “ed” như /t/ sau hầu hết các phụ âm vô thanh [f, k, p, s,…].
+ Phụ âm: tất các các âm khác với nguyên âm u-e-o-a-i.
+ Vô thanh: âm phát ra mà không làm rung dây thanh quản.

  1. developed: We developed a new strategy.
  2. laughed: She laughed at the joke.
  3. thanked: They thanked me for dinner.
  4. crossed: He crossed it off the list.
  5. cashed: They already cashed the check.
  6. pitched: I pitched the idea to my boss.

B. Pronounced “ed” like /d/ after vowels and most voiced consonants.
Phát âm “ed” như /d/ sau nguyên âm và hầu hết phụ âm hữu thanh.
+ Nguyên âm: u-e-o-a-i (mẹo nhớ nhanh: uể oải).
+ Hữu thanh: âm phát ra làm rung dây thanh quản. VD: b, d, g, l, r, m, n, z và v.

  1. robbed: That’s the man that robbed the bank!
  2. banged: She banged the book down.
  3. bagged: He bagged the groceries.
  4. managed: They managed the account well.
  5. called: He called me from his business trip.
  6. charmed: She charmed him with her beautiful voice.
  7. rained: It rained all day.
  8. poured: I poured him a cup of coffee.
  9. used: I used all of the paper.
  10. massaged: He massaged her sore shoulders.

C. Pronounce “ed” like /id/ after “d” and “t”.
Phát âm “ed” như /id/ sau “d” và “t”.

  1. devoted: He’s a devoted employee.
  2. greeted: They greeted me at the airport.
  3. accepted: I accepted the offer.
  4. decided: She decided to apply for the position.
  5. provided: They provided the necessary information.
  6. attended: He attended the conference.

How to Master the American Accent
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