Intonation đối với Phrasing

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A. Sentences (Câu văn)

Use falling intonation at the end of the sentence.
Sử dụng ngữ điệu xuống giọng ở cuối câu.

  1. We’ll begin at four o’clock.
  2. Our sales have tripled.
  3. We’re an equal opportunity employer.
  4. They plan to work late tonight.
  5. Cutting costs is the main concern.

B. Before commas (Trước dấu phẩy)

Use falling intonation before commas.
Sử dụng ngữ điệu xuống giọng trước dấu phẩy.

  1. Roger, my assistant, will be at the meeting.
  2. After the presentation, we asked questions.
  3. They don’t offer benefits, yet the salary is competetive.
  4. If you’re ready, please start.
  5. By advertising on the Internet, we doubled our sales.

C. Commands (Yêu cầu)

Intonation neither rises nor falls with commands.
Ngữ điệu không lên cũng không xuống khi yêu cầu.

  1. Let’s go!
  2. Give me a hand!
  3. Listen up!
  4. Look at that!
  5. Hurry up!
  6. Don’t leave!
  7. Click here!
  8. Go away!
  9. Slow down!
  10. Come here!

How to Master the American Accent
(Judy Ravin & Bard Niemann)

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